Portable Solo Tennis Trainer T818B
  • The 2nd Generation T818B Key Features:
  • A durable plastic PE base as an anchor connected with an elastic rope, allowing the ball to bounce back for your next shot
  • Easy to carry and use - just simply fill up with sand and put base on the open ground then hit
  • Durable PE plastic and anti-skid base suitable for your powerful strokesLight weight giving you more convenience and freedom to bring and use anytime anywhere you want to practice
  • Perfect solo training tool for both beginners and professionals
  • Hassle-free to practice your strokes without access to tennis court
  • Cost saving from buying a tennis ball machine
  • With TELOON’s 2nd generation of Portable Solo Tennis Trainer, tennis training expenses reduced, hitting partner not required and training environment less restricted.
  • “TELOON” Portable Solo Tennis Trainer Package includes: PE plastic base + elastic rope (5-strand structure) + tennis ball.
  • Note: Factory recommends to fill up with SAND instead of water which might be leaking due to the mass production.

Portable Solo Tennis Trainer T818B

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