Intelligent Tennis Ball Machine | The 4G Enhanced Full Functions & Programable
  • Brand: Huoqiangshou (Hackbuteer)
  • Model: JW-04+
  • Made in Shanghai


  • Shipping in 20-29 days subject to factory order confirmation
  • 2-year factory warranty
  • Indent order and non-returnable
  • Singapore local technical support, spare parts and service available


  • Ball Feed Speed: 32-130 km/h adjustable
  • Ball Feed Spin: topspin / backspin adjustable
  • Ball Feed Interval: 2-9 seconds adjustable
  • Ball Feed Elevation: 12-50 degree adjustable
  • Ball Feed Modes: forehand, backhand, topspin, backspin/slice, flat, volley, lob / smash, crossing court and etc.
  • Ball Feed Locations: 10 locations programable (random / sequential / 2-line narrow / medium / wide)
  • Ball Capacity: 150 balls


  • Full functions by remote control
  • Power-on auto neutralisation
  • Ball jam self-protection
  • Combinations: 99 modes and locations programable
  • Oscillation: horizontal / vertical


  • Battery Court Time: 6-8 hours
  • Battery Charging Time: 5 hours (110-240VAC)
  • Battery: External Lithium Ion 24V10AH; Size 28.5Lx10.5xW5.5H (cm); Internal battery available as requested.


  • Machine Dimension: 55Dx40Wx45H (cm)
  • Machine Weight: 21kg
  • Machine Remote Control: LCD large display; intelligent and full control functions (speed, spin, interval, elevation, random, locations); pocket-size and included with machine.
  • Machine Wheel: 5" large for easy movement
  • Machine suitable for all courts



  • The factory proudly offers a 2-year warranty with a local support in technical, spare parts and service for peace of mind. Every tennis ball machine is originally made in Shanghai manufacturing facility. Quality control and check are conducted at each step of the manufacturing process. Every part is strictly tested for both durability and reliability. The machine is well and professionally designed easy for service and maintenance with only 2-3 simple tools. The factory provides the free spare parts and online replacement guidance. Spare parts replacement by Singapore Authorized Technician is S$50 (S$80 if collection and return required). The 2-year warranty covers the whole machine (6 months for wear-and-tear parts including battery and pitching wheels; 12 months for remote control and charger).


Warranty Shipping:

  • If the machine is within 2-year warranty and must be shipped back to the factory for check and repair, the customer should cover one-way shipping cost to Shanghai. If only the spare parts are required for replacement, the shipping fee shall be covered by the customer to receive the free spare parts for replacement. The import taxes and customs clearance fees are paid by the customer. Express shipping charges by the customer.



  • The machine is shipped from Shanghai Factory within 5 business days after order confirmation. It usually takes 20-29 days to your Singapore address with local delivery by a Singapore team. Import taxes 7% GST and local delivery fee included. The machine is sold on indent order basis and non-returnable.


* The factory reserves its right to improve products and specification without prior notice.

Intelligent Tennis Ball Machine | The 4G Enhanced Full Functions & Programable

S$2,600.00 Regular Price
S$2,300.00Sale Price
    • Shipping by sea from Shanghai Factory within 5 business days upon order confirmation with prepayment of S$1,000;
    • Sold on indent order basis and non-returnable;
    • International shipping takes approximately 20-29 days;
    • Free delivery within Singapore with balance COD payment;
    • Email or WhatsApp +65 8397 3998 for more information.